Pupil Parent - Private Practise Teaching Aid Book


Pupil Parent - Private Practice Teaching Aid Book

Just to say that Emily passed her test today. She is very happy. The book was great, I think it will do really well for people just starting teaching their kids.

Private Practise Teaching Aid Book


  • For parents giving private practise
  • A4, clear, easy to understand, full colour visuals
  • Split into modules to align with ADI lessons
  • Designed so that skills taught are correct and up to date
  • Subjects coincide with Qualifed Instructor lessons
  • Laid out with Parent pages and Pupil pages
  • Key subject info, trade secrets and tips on Parent pages
  • Clear visuals, bullet points, test tip on Pupil pages
  • Reommended by ADIs to pupils and parents

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Pupil Parent Private Practise

With the introduction of the "Ready to Pass" campaign by the DVSA a short while back, it's now more important than ever to align a learner's private practise with the lessons given by a professional driving instructor.

The main thrust of the campaign is to help parents understand the progress their child is making during private lessons, to enable them to become more aware of what it means to be test ready.

The Teach Your Learner book was designed specifically to bridge the gap between private practise and lessons given by a driving instructor.

The aim is to help parents give lessons that are safe, structured, up-to-date, and that align with professional driving lessons. For this reason, the book has a similar modular layout as the DITA Driving Instuctor Teaching Aid. Enabling an ADI to recommend lessons for the parent and pupil that will conincide with what they're teaching, and how they teach.

The book has the same unique layout that most ADI lesson presenters use, with the Teacher page on the left, and the Pupil page on the right.

The book is split into modules, which include more detailed information on the parent page, and easier to absorb information and visuals on the pupil page. The different modules cover lessons subjects in the order that a learner would normally progress.

The book is designed to be used to give private driving lessons in manual or automatic cars.

You will find more info on the: Teach Your Learner book website