Package 6 - How To Teach Learners book & Faults, Risk & Strategies manual


Essential Guide to Passing ADI Part 3 & Faults, Risk & Strategies - Package 6

Hi, I just wanted to say i have received the Faults, Risk and Strategies book that I purchased from yourself. I am so glad I did, this is such a good book.

Package 8 - How To Teach Learners & Faults, Risk & Strategies manual


  • Simple, structured key lesson points
  • Each subject has a guide to Client Centred teaching
  • Teaching solutions for Beginner, Part Trained and Trained pupils
  • Common error and solution in every subject
  • Contains a guide on to how to use scaling>
  • Over 500 reference tables of faults a pupil can make
  • Perfect for ADI Part 3 training
  • Used as reference by Qualified Driving Instructors
  • Great for Standards Check Test refresher training

The Ultimate Teaching Aids

Instructor Teaching Aid, Faults, Risk and Strategies & Reference Points


Instructor Teaching Aid, Faults, Risk and Strategies & Reference Points

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How To Teach Learners

The How To Teach Learners book will help any instructor follow a 'client centred' teaching model, and meet the criteria in the NSDRT (National Standard for Driver and Rider Training) set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

The book contains actual strategies and techniques on how to teach real subjects to learners, including advice on how to identify and use the correct 'teaching style' in relation to a learner's 'learning style' - a very important aspect of the teaching standards set by the DVSA and NSDRT.

The book is split into 4 modules, with the same structure for each lesson subject, including: key lessons points to cover, guide to Client Centred teaching, Top Tip, Common Errors. With guides to different teaching styles for Beginner, Part Trained, and Trained pupils.

There are also useful sections on how to share responsibility; how to use scaling; how to deal with safety critical incidents; different learning and teaching sytles. More info...

Faults, Risk & Strategies

The Driving Instructor Faults, Risk & Strategies manual is a guide to the key skills required to be a driving instructor.

The first part of the manual is a comprehensive and easy to follow guide to pupil risk management and teaching strategies, that is; Fault Identification, Fault Analysis (including Risk) and Remedial Strategy for the pupil.

The second part of the manual contains the pupil fault tables, covering virtually any fault that a pupil can make. More info...