ADI Part 2 & ADI Part 3 Driving Instructor Training

PDI Support

Support for PDIs

At DITA we work alongside ORDIT Registered Instructor Trainers to help 100's of PDI's successfully pass their Part 3 Test. Our teaching aids are used successfully across the UK and our links with ORDIT registered Instructor Trainers and DSA Examiners means we have the complete PDI support kit.

Driving Instructor Training

DITA is lucky enough to be linked with excellent ORDIT Registered Instructor Trainers and Grade A ADI's. Because of this, in certain areas we are able to offer in-car driving instructor training for ADI Part 2 & ADI Part 3. Please visit our driving instructor training website for more details.

ADI Part 3 Test Explained

If you're struggling to understand what the Part 3 Test is all about, our book, The Essential Guide To Passing The ADI Part 3 Test was made for you. There is no other publication on the market that explains, in easy to understand language, so many aspects of the test (it includes structured briefings).

PDI Briefings Support

Many PDI's struggle to give a concise and coherent briefing. Our briefings kit contains written and audio briefings - a perfect solution to learning how to give the a briefing. It also includes 'word pictures' and notes on what PDI's should be listening out for so that they give a briefing the Examiner expects to hear. The kit also includes sample Phase 2 Q&A plus tips and advice on all aspects of the Part 3 Test.

PDI Phase 2 Q&A Support

PDI's often struggle with Phase 2 because they don't find out enough about their pupil before the lesson begins. Good Phase 2 Q&A is essential to help the PDI find out about their pupil's past driving experience. The sample Phase 2 Questions alongside the subject visuals are aimed at helping PDI's to learn the fool proof way of getting their pupils to reveal any driving weaknesses.

PDI Advice

Our website offers ADI Part 3 test tips and advice. Proof read by ORDIT registered trainers, our advice is useful and informative. Whether you are thinking about becoming a driving instructor or are studying for the Part 3 Test - please take the time to read the information provided