ADI Part 2 & ADI Part 3 Driving Instructor Training

ADI Part 1 - Driving Instructor Theory Test

ADI Part 1 Theory Test

You can take the Part 1 test as many times as you like - there are 2 parts to this test:

DON'T Pay A College For Part 1 Training!

To prepare for both parts of the theory test we recommend that all trainees, regardless of driving experience, use the resource material available. Any college that charges for Part 1 training is not giving the full picture. With the correct resource material - you can study at home for this test.

How The ADI Part 1 Multiple Choice Theory Test Works...

You will be expected to answer 100 multiple choice questions within 90 minutes. These questions cover 4 main areas:

  • Road Procedure
  • Traffic Signs/Signals, Car Control, Pedestrians, Mechanical Knowledge
  • Driving Test, Disabilities, Law
  • Publications, Instructional Techniques

Some of the questions are common sense - others, you will need to buy reading matter to learn.

To prepare for the multiple choice part of the theory test - there are specific books known as the source material. The book titles are listed in the Guide to becoming an ADI.

The complete set of theory test questions and answers is also available in book format from the DSA ADI section or most good bookshops.

Start Studying For Part 2...
...while Learning Part 1

Some colleges will not start studying for the Part 2 test (The Test of driving ability) until after the Part 1 Theory Test has been passed - this is ridiculous! A pupil learning to drive will start driving lessons before the Theory Test because they compliment each other - instructor training is no different!


Part 1 is NOT just a stepping stone to Part 2 and 3...
You need this knowledge for the exams & when teaching!

The theory test is the foundation of the whole course. The knowledge that you gather here is used throughout the rest of the syllabus AND when you start teaching for real.

Time and time again during the Part 2 training we see trainees who've passed their Part 1, but still have little or no knowledge of the Highway Code! They are unable to identify simple road signs or road markings when asked to do so!

It's vital that you absorb the information during the theory stage...

...Don't take any short cuts!