Yann, North London

I have passed my part-3 test on the 1st go at the 1st attempt and become an ADI today!

I was struggling a lot and taking training / lessons with different organisations, but still couldn't become confident enough to pass.

My thanks and regards also go to my trainer Mr. Milan Mehta - I am ever grateful to him. He is one of the best ADI Trainers. His training methods are like magic helped made me pass very fast, with confidence!

Thanks again - Yann (ADI)

Wayne, Dorset

Just wanted to say a massive thank you. When starting my journey as a driving instructor I first signed up with another provider. They did not prepare me enough for what was coming.

I purchased Dita's training materials online, was so impressed by them I decided to give Milan a ring, despite living 120 miles away.

After a couple of lessons I quickly passed my part 2 and then started training for my part 3. The training sessions were excellent, relaxed but Milan would let me know when things weren't up to scratch, which was good for me.

I have just passed my part 3 and it is with a massive thanks to Milan and Dita. Often new learners are praising me for my teaching methods, saying how easy it is to understand, not like their previous instructors. This is because I was taught by an expert. I would thoroughly recommend Milan to anyone reading this.

Hi Milan

I passed my ADI Part 3 test!! Thank you so much for all your support and patience. Well done!! You are not just teaching me to pass the test but you also training me to become a pro driving instructor !!

Highly recommended. The core comps book are really useful - so do not hesitate to get one :-)

See you soon Many thanks

M Latif

Milan is an excellent trainer with great patience. I kept insisting for more training but Milan knew I was ready for test. So I went and passed! Certainly I would not have made it without his expertise and professional attitude towards me which gave me the most important knowledge and confidence I needed. Milan is harder than the examiner, as a result exam is fun.

Best regards

K Benjamin

I had only one attempt left to pass my part 3 test and meeting Milan was the greatest thing. I got the DITA books from the website and contacted him, he was available to train me straight away and within about two and half months I was prepared for the test!


I have passed my part 3 on final attempt with 6/6!!!!!!!! I can't believe it. Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. I would not have been able to pass without your valuable lessons and encouragement. Anyone who is in a position like I was should definitely invest in some lessons with you! Thank you again.

Very proud and happy ADI.

David G. ADI

After starting out as a complete novice I was unsure after only a few months of part 3 training if I was test ready, but Milan told me to book my test early and insisted I would not need any more lessons other than I had originally booked. I had kept suggesting I should book some more, so of course saving me money, how's that for honesty?

I was dreading part 3 as I certainly could not be described as a natural, and did think I may be taking on something I may not quite manage but yes, you've guessed it - I passed on my 1st attempt!

Thank you Milan

Sarah Humphry

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for all your help and encouragement which enabled me to pass my ADI Part 3 on my first attempt. Your professional approach to your job along with your extensive knowledge, humour and patience made the whole daunting process of training for my Part 3 much more manageable and gave me the all needed confidence to keep going and not give up!

You somehow manage to set the level of learning and tone of the lesson to the individuals needs very quickly and effortlessly and I will not hesitate in recommending you to anyone looking for an ADI trainer!

Andrew Hart

One of the biggest concerns I think for any student is having a good idea of what they will encounter during the exam. Here you excelled again by clearly demonstrating that you had spent a great deal of time and effort liaising with examiners and sitting in on real tests to help you fully understand the exam process and what the examiners were looking for. As a result when I went for my part 3 I felt very relaxed and confident, because I knew what to expect and everything happened exactly as you said it would!

Samina Asim

After just one training session with Milan i felt he had the knowledge and understanding and he has great way of teaching for me to pass this test and become a professional driving Instructor.

I would recommend Milan to everyone wanting to become an ADI. DON'T waste your money elsewhere - a professional calm, honest and down to earth guy who really wants you to get through this.

Milan, I can't thank you enough for what knowledge you have passed on to me, and help me pass this test!!!

I Will be in touch for my standards check.

Rafal A

I started my training with a different popular school where I received some basic training, but not enough support to reach high quality standard. Neither did I have a mentor who would lead me to success or at least show some personal interest. After failing on two attempts I found Milan.

During one to one sessions He filled the gap by displaying a lot of pupil centered approach, targeting weaknesses in my instructional techniques - really getting value for your money..

The visual aids are quite up to expectations and especially the publication CORE COMPS, is a revelation on the market, which within few weeks rose my standard to grades 5 on phase one and 5 on phase two, I got even a six for faults analysis! I will be developing my skills with Milan towards the standards check, but for now I would like to express appreciation for his highly professional training.

Eduardo Da Silva

I can not thank you enough for all the help and support you have given me over the last few months. You were recommended by a friend and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody who wished to be an instructor.

You were patient throughout, gave me lots of tips and hints. You even helped me finding new ways of saying things as I stammer when under pressure! Your support has meant a lot to me as well as your professionalism. After failing my first attempt at Part 3, I felt very disheartened but you kept me going and gave me belief in myself.

It has been an amazing experience and I cannot wait to start teaching others!

Thank you very much and I am sure I will bump into you soon!


I am so happy I was introduced to Milan, he helped me with the weak areas in my Part 2 as well as my Part 3 training. I passed with a 5 5 (Phase 1/Phase 2), I was over the moon! I couldnt have achieved this mark without Milan's Training.

Thank you so much for everything, I purchased DITA's excellent driving instructor teaching aids, I would be lost without these, particularly The Essential Guide To Passing ADI Part 3, and Phase 2 Q & A Teaching Aid.

I also bought the Core Comps, all these have great knowledge, and really helped me to understand each Pre Set for the test, and to be able to teach my pupils with confidence.

I will stay in touch and continue training, to help me towards my Check Test and to help me be a really good instructor like Milan. Once again thank you for everything!


I started my Part 3 with Milan after a glowing recommendation from my former driving instructor.

After my first lesson I was so sold on his teaching methodology I quickly pre-booked lessons in advance.

I was impressed by how he communicated, this helped me retain his teachings in my mind. Another positive is his patience which I have to say is enduring especially as I was a novice to the Part 3 format. Milan's teaching and unwavering trust in my ability helped me pass my Part 3 on my second attempt.

To all my fellow aspiring driving instructors, I have to say my overall review of Milan is that he is not just the best around but also an instructor that genuinely cares and caters for the individual's success. Thank you so.

DITA Testimonials

Below is some feedback received from past customers. It's always good to hear that our products are being used successfully for teaching and training. Our aim is always to keep teaching; clear, simple and easy to understand

Dan, Vale of Glamorgan

I've just got to say that I've been using the new teaching aid and it's the best one out there, it's absolutely brilliant!

Most of them cover a few things that you want, but this has everything!

KC, Congleton

...the replacement material arrived safely and is excellent.

Really impressed with the quality of content, presentation and overall professionalism as they are ideal training aids that will well support me in my part 3 and later practice as an ADI.

They've given me a boost and a lot of confidence and compliment my current training with my own ORDIT trainer.


just to let you know, I'm about to order the phase 2 Q&A from you guys, so it shows customer service is a must.

Well done keep up the great work! I will continue to tell everyone about you, and I'm using your teaching aid book, and will continue using it on all my briefings.

Driving Instructor Teaching Aid

A Kauser, on Amazon

very helpful, easy to understand

Driving Instructor Teaching Aid

Farah Kiani, Luton

Hi I just wanted to say i have received the core competencies book that I purchased from yourself. I am so glad I did, this is such a good book.

Thank you

Jason O'Kane, Hampshire

Just a side point...everyone I show the DITA tuition presenter to thinks it's great. My trainer even bought one for his wife! And another PDI from Farnborough says they are going to buy it too!

Kind Regards, Jason

Clare Saunders, Middlesex


The replacement CD has arrived this morning. Many thanks for your efficient service. Your good customer relations are a credit to your organisation. Really appreciated.

Regards, Clare

James Robb, Glasgow


Just to let you know my order came today and I am absolutely delighted. It is exactly what I am looking for and nice quality pages too.

Thanks again for the quick despatch.

Kind Regards, Jim

Michelle Morais, ADI, London

Just wanted to say thank you for the training books I bought a couple of months ago, and they are absolutely brilliant. I couldn't have done the training without it - ever so grateful. Very informative, brilliant.

Steve Wortley, ADI, Cheshunt

Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with the 'Driving Instructor Teaching Aid'

It is SO simple to follow and makes life so much easier for the pupil to understand which of course is the main aim. Although we do it all day every day, sometime we forget that it is the pupil who needs to understand it and your visuals make this so much easier for them. There are lots on the market but yours is definitely the best one I have seen.

Thanks again, Steve

Rafal A, ADI, London

Today is a culmination of my two-year period studying and passing my ADI part 3 test; because of that happy event I would like to say a few comments to other trainees who read DITA website.

I started my training with a different popular school where I received some basic training, but not enough support to reach the high standard required, neither did I have a mentor who would I felt could lead me to success or at least show some personal interest. After failing on two attempts I found DITA.

During part of DITA in-car sessions, Milan filled the gap by displaying a lot of pupil centered approach and targeting weaknesses in my instructional techniques.

It is really getting value for your money and if I'd found DITA earlier I would have saved half the money and time invested in training (and my students would be happier as well).

The visual aids are quite up to expectations and especially the latest publication, CORE COMPS, is a revelation on the market, which within few weeks rose my standard to grades 5 on phase one and 5 on phase two, I got even a six for faults analysis!! I will be developing my skills with DITA and Milan towards the check test, but for now I would like to express appreciation for this highly professional training.

Neil Rabson, Reading - ADI, Neil's School of Motoring


Core Comps arrived on Saturday. It's very impressive - started flicking through it but couldn't stop! It has already refreshed my memory of a few things. I had probably been getting a bit lazy!

Excellent value for money too.

Many thanks, Neil

Hassan, PDI, North London


I hope you are ok. I started reading the Core Comps book, it is fantastic.

Thank you for getting it for me

Mark Woods, ADI, London School of Driving

Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know that I have just passed my ADI part 3 at the first attempt!

Your training materials have been invaluable to me over the last few (stressful) months, and I can now use them on a daily basis.... hooray !!!

Sadly I didn't get a grade 6, but put that down to nerves on the day and a fierce SE!!

Kind regards, Mark Woods

Christina Scales, ADI, Watford

Think I've finally come back down to earth after celebrating the fact that I just passed my part 3 and am now a qualified ADI!

I couldn't have done it without your help and really did provide me with a rescue package! I only wish I'd found out about you earlier in my training....and got my hands on your publication "The Essential Guide to Passing ADI Part 3" earlier than I did. I cannot recommend you highly enough!

Once again, thanks so much - I finally did it on my third attempt! It's been one of hell of a eureka moment - all I need to do now is send off for my licence!

Martyn Wedge, Trainee, Wigan

I've just got in from work and its here! All I can say is WOW - totally worth the wait! It's amazing and has everything in it.

After I took the time to look at it, I can see this not only helping me towards my Part 3, but I'm about to take my Part 2 test and I can see it will help me in that! It will also provide me with help throughout my career as a Driving Instructor.

Purdy Stone, Reading

I find the quality of the visuals very clear and easy to use....

Update: Purdy passed the Part 3 Test with Grades 5/5!! Congratulations on becoming an ADI!

Ian Fryer, Trainee, Colchester

The teaching aids on your web page look simple and concise, far better than others I have seen.

Sandy Duca, Uxbridge

Thanks for the visuals and briefings....I like the layout. I should've used the teaching manual from the beginning of my training!!

Update: Sandy passed her Part 3 Test and is now an ADI! Well done!

Zaff Iqbal, Hayes

Thanks for the manual.......the visuals have really helped with my lessons and my Part 3 training. The bullet points are exactly what I need to help me remember the main points.

Update: Zaff passed on his 1st attempt at the Part 3 Test and is now an ADI! Well done!

Mike Fricker, ADI, Reading

Thanks for the reference point visual. It's just the answer to my problems......I'm sure all PDI's and ADI's would agree that trying to explain ref points is a pain - as the pupil looks at you with that blank expression!......using the visual aids makes my job much easier....

Mahbub Amin, ADI, Southall

I like the new visuals. They show the points I would raise in my briefing clearly without confusing the pupil.......I liked the bullet points that accompany the a PDI it helped me get through my part 3