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ADI Part 3 - Test of Teaching Ability

ADI Part 3 Test of Teaching Ability

The object of this test is to assess the quality of your instruction and ability to pass your knowledge on to pupils. You will be asked to demonstrate your knowledge and ability by giving practical driving instruction to your pupil while the examiner observes and grades you from the back seat.

Candidates are allowed 3 attempts at this test. If unsuccessful - candidates must wait until 2 years after the date that they passed the theory test before starting the whole process again.

The test should last about an hour.

Your Pupil

The type of pupil you bring to the test can be:

  • Partly trained or inexperienced learner
  • Experienced pupil, close to test standard
  • Full Licence Holder - new
  • Experienced Full Licence Holder

The Examiner

The examiner's role is to assess your competence to deliver effective driving instruction.

What is required in the lesson

Your job is to provide an effective learning experience for your pupil. An effective learning experience is judged to be one in which the pupil is supported to take as much responsibility as possible for their learning process.

How will I be assessed?

In assessing your performance, the examiner will take into account:

  • Lesson planning
  • Risk Management
  • Teaching and Learning Strategies

These three areas are broken down into a further 17 lower level competencies. You will be given a mark for each competence. The marks will be added together to give you an overall score.

The best advice we can give is...

You MUST be prepared for this test!

It's very important when picking a company for your ADI training that you find out how many hours of training they provide. The part 3 training is where you will need most help from your college.

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Ok - plug over! You will also need to ensure that training is given in a structured manner. Most training establishments will offer in-car training on a two trainees to one trainer ratio. Observational training is very helpful, but you must ensure that you work out how much training you will receive.

If you have any questions regarding ADI training feel free to email us

Finally, we wish you good luck during your training and on all of the tests.