Scott, City of Edinburgh

Good morning.

I received my books today.

I've had a brief look through them and the quality and information is fantastic.

Many thanks, all the best.

Driving Instructor Teaching Aid Deal

Izabella, Salford

I just received them. I am a VERY happy lady!!

Your customer service is something else


Driving Instructor Teaching Aid Deal

Saswat, Hatfield

Just to let you know my parcel has arrived today and I am very happy with all the books.

Many thanks

Driving Instructor Teaching Aid Deal

Danny, Lanarkshire

Now on learner #4 with the book.

Quite simply the best driving book ever written!

Teach Your Learner Private Practise book

Kenneth, Highland

Thanks, it arrived.

Wow, really amazing buy I must say!

Driving Instructor Teaching Aid Deal

Mark, Banbury

Good morning

Had my books delivered today. And thank you for the refund.

Excellent service.

Thank you!

Gareth, Tranmere

Thank you for the updates regarding my order, they were much appreciated."

I received the instructor teaching aid Driving Instructor Teaching Aid on Friday and I have already used it several times.

It's easy to use with students and looks brilliant 😁

Thank you!

Mohammed, Stoke on Trent

This is my first time l have been reading your products and they are brilliant, detailed and well explained.

Driving Instructor Teaching Aid Deal

Andrea, Swansea

Just wanted to write to say what a fantastic teaching resource you have provided. Driving Instructor Teaching Aid

The quality is outstanding and something I will enjoy using with students.

I have appreciated the updates you have sent through regarding the delay. Now its in my hands I would say it was worth the wait.

Many thanks, I will be recommending this and DITA to other instructors.

Riaz, Bradford

I thank you for your email...I appreciate your help and best customer service. I hope to be your customer in future if I require any ADI material. Thanks.

David, Liverpool

Just picked my package 10 books up - the quality and information is second to none!

Thank you. 👍

Jonathan, Worcestershire

A quick email thank you for quick delivery of faults risk and strategies - excellent training aid.

Have been an instructor for 17 years - will be of great use.

many thanks

Gareth, London

I hope you're well, just a quick email.

Thanks for the discount on the products, I really appreciate it.

Stay safe, stay blessed.

Rubin, W5

Hello how are you, just want to let you know I have received the teaching aid book and it looks amazing, it's very professional and I'm very happy with it.

Steve White Driver Training, Bradford

Just a quick email to say thanks for the books. Received them mid week and I've had the opportunity to have a read.

I must say they are excellent quality in both content, structure and print!

These will be well used bits of kit.

Thanks again

Mark, Shrewsbury

Thanks very much for the great service

NR, Birmingham

Thankyou for the prompt service, I have just received my reference points book and was not expecting the matter to be resolved this quickly, thankyou to all!!

Vince, Greater London

Hi, ordered and received the teaching aids - so happy with the layout and quality!


R M, Lanarkshire

Thank you for quick response that allowed me to collect the teaching aids today, having had a quick glance through them I can tell you I'm well pleased with my purchase.

Dan, Vale of Glamorgan

I've just got to say that I've been using the new teaching aid and it's the best one out there, it's absolutely brilliant!

Most of them cover a few things that you want, but this has everything!

Yann, North London

I have passed my part-3 test on the 1st go at the 1st attempt and become an ADI today!

I was struggling a lot and taking training / lessons with different organisations, but still couldn't become confident enough to pass.

But everything changed after getting training from DITA. All the credit of my success go definitively to DITA, their driving instructor and trainee products are very easy to understand and they have simplified the complicated subjects.

Thanks again - Yann (ADI)

KC, Congleton

...the replacement material arrived safely and is excellent.

Really impressed with the quality of content, presentation and overall professionalism as they are ideal training aids that will well support me in my part 3 and later practice as an ADI.

They've given me a boost and a lot of confidence and compliment my current training with my own ORDIT trainer.

Russo, Broxbourne

Just to let you know, I'm about to order the phase 2 Q&A from you guys, so it shows customer service is a must.

Well done keep up the great work! I will continue to tell everyone about you, and I'm using your teaching aid book, and will continue using it on all my briefings.

Wayne L, Swanage

Just wanted to say a massive thank you. When starting my journey as a driving instructor I first signed up with another provider. They did not prepare me enough for what was coming. I purchased Dita's training materials online, was so impressed by them I decided to give DITA a ring, despite living 120 miles away. The training sessions were excellent...I have just passed my part 3 and it is with a massive thanks to Milan and Dita. Often new learners are praising me for my teaching methods, saying how easy it is to understand, not like their previous instructors.

Kate, Wirral

I love the simplicity and yet detailed briefings book for part three as well as your cds.

Suki, West Midlands

I passed my ADI Part 3 first time and I genuinely felt you put the finishing touches to my learning enabling my result. I wish I had come to see you earlier when I came across the books you have published, I would have done this in half the time.

Arul, Watford

I have successfully completed Adi part 2 and part 3 with Milan. He is professional and his advanced knowledge on the subject helped me to get through the exam without much challenge. His step by step guidance and the knowledge on the test routes are added advantage for the ADI trainees. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to pass driving instructor exam and also to be a perfect driver on the road.

The Teaching Aid and Core Comp guidance books were very helpful for me to achieve my goal.

Andrew, Renfrewshire

Very prompt delivery and the guide to passing part 3 book has been a great purchase.

Danish, ADI

Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know that I have just passed my ADI part 3 - Your training materials is superbbb..

Kind regards

Claire, Middlesex

The replacement CD has arrived this morning. Many thanks for your efficient service. Your good customer relations are a credit to your organisation. Really appreciated.

Farah, Luton


I just wanted to say i have received the core competencies book that I purchased from yourself. I am so glad I did, this is such a good book.

Katrina, East Lothian

Arrived superfast and as described. Will be very useful when preparing for my part 3 test

Aneta, London

The guide to passing ADI Part 3 includes all the most important information needs to be taken into account. Very good book for ADI PART 3 trainees.

Jason, Hampshire

Everyone I show the DITA tuition presenter to thinks it's great. My instructor even bought one for his wife! And another PDI from Farnborough says they are going to buy it too.

Michelle, London

Just wanted to say thank you for the training books I bought a couple of months ago, and they are absolutely brilliant. I couldn't have done the training without it - ever so grateful.

Very informative, brilliant.

Mark, ADI

Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know that I have just passed my ADI part 3 at the first attempt! Your teaching aids have been invaluable to me over the last few (stressful) months, and I can now use them on a daily basis.... hooray !!!

Sadly I didn't get a grade 6, but put that down to nerves on the day and a fierce SE!!

James, Glasgow

Just to let you know my order came today and I am absolutely delighted. It is exactly what I am looking for and nice quality pages to.

Thanks again for the quick despatch.

About DITA

How Driving Instructor Teaching Aids (DITA) started


Many trainees don't realise how important a clear visual is when teaching - using over-complicated and untidy visuals creates messy briefings, confusion and extra pressure.

As trainees, we were given Part 3 visual aids and training notes by the various companies we trained with. That was quite a while ago - since then, we've seen many, many other visual and training aids.

I designed my own teaching aids to help me pass Part 3, and received some really good feedback. So much so that in 2005 I decided to get together with my ADI trainer and produce clear, concise and easy to understand teaching aids for driving instructors that could be used for training, and then once qualified, used to teach learners in the real world.

Our goal was to make the VISUALS prompt the briefing

To do this the visuals need to be clear and concise enough to get the subject across easily. We want Trainees to remember a briefing by simply looking at the visuals - so they tell the story, as it were. We've worked alongside professional graphic designers to do this.

Designed using feedback from Trainees to Examiners

Our links with Instructor Trainers has meant we've been able to use feedback from trainees studying for their Part 3 test to help hone our training aids even further. It was through this feedback that we added the Help Notes / Lesson Plans for trainees on ADI Part 3 Training and taking the Part 3 test.

We also give our products to DVSA examiners for feedback, and are really pleased with how positive it has been. We've been told more than once by different examiners (who see all types of teaching aids while testing PDIs) that ours is 'one of the best out there'. Also, using their advice, we're constantly updating and improving the information in all our teaching aid products.

An Instructor Trainer's view

"I got involved with the design of these teaching aids because the visuals are so clear and uncluttered - I knew it would make teaching easier for me and for my trainees. The addition of the bullet pointed help notes and lesson plans on the left page means the trainee is able look at the notes discreetly while keeping their pupil focused on the visual"

Designed for ADI's too

A lot of teaching aids are over complicated and badly laid out. We wanted ADI's to be able to use these visuals to get a lesson across clearly to their learners without any confusing text or drawings. By road testing the visuals with working ADI's, we have been able to achieve this.

Designed using feedback from learner drivers

To help shape the visuals, we also used feedback from learners we've taught over the years - one of the reasons we feel it's so user friendly for Part 3 training AND qualified Driving Instructors.

And finally....

We're really, really pleased with the response from across the UK Driving Instructor industry over the years, and are confident that these are the clearest instructor teaching aids available.