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DITA Shipping, Delivery & Returns Info


Shipping, Delivery info

All DITA orders in the UK are sent using Royal Mail 1st/2nd Class Recorded delivery or Parcel Force 48. This means that if no one is at the address at the time of delivery, a card is posted through the door giving details of when the delivery was attempted and how to collect the package.

After delivery is attempted, Royal Mail holds items for 18 days at the local storage office before returning them to the sender.

All items are sent from a different location to the contact / returns address, so unfortunately, pick-up is not possible.


Usual delivery time: please allow up to 6 BUSINESS days

  • orders received after 12pm Mon-Thu are processed the next BUSINESS day
  • orders received after 12pm on Fri and over the Weekend are processed the next BUSINESS day

Bank Holidays - allow 2 extra days on the delivery timescale above.

Xmas: due to the amount of extra mail, Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded takes slightly longer to deliver close to Xmas. Also, for the same reason, Royal Mail & Parcel Force will not guarantee Next Day Delivery during this time.

Note: if paying by e-cheque, it will take 5-7 days to clear. Once cleared, the order will be processed using the timescale shown above.

As soon as we are made aware of any delays, we do our best to sort them out quickly.


International Delivery (outside the UK)

Courier costs to overseas destinations cost more than our usual postage expenses. Therefore, if necessary, DITA will contact you to arrange extra payment for courier fees..

International Deliveries are sent using a recognised courier company.

DITA also reserves the right to cancel (full refund back through Paypal) any international orders that are not viable.

Please contact DITA if you have any questions.

Providing that all international courier cost requirements have been met, delivery time is approx. 10 days.

Shipment to Ireland

The extra payment requested during a purchase on the DITA website is for courier charges only - it doesn't cover customs duty or import VAT.

NOTE: there is no customs duty on items that cost under €150 (approx £130).

Also, just like in the UK, in Ireland there is a zero-rate of VAT applied to printed books. This means that shipments to Ireland should not be liable to import VAT. However, We have been made aware that some customers received VAT charges despite there being no VAT on books in either the UK or Ireland - this can and should be challenged.

Although you shouldn't be asked to pay any extra for your books, it can still happen. If you are asked to pay an import charge, your postal service will request payment from you before they deliver your goods.

Delivery to countries that DON'T follow the UK Highway Code and Road System.

Because DITA products are created specifically for UK driving instructors and pupils using UK roads and highway code laws - please be advised that products are NOT SUITABLE FOR TEACHING PUPILS TO DRIVE IN COUNTRIES THAT DON'T FOLLOW THE UK HIGHWAY CODE AND ROAD SYSTEM.

International Packages sent to countries that DON'T follow the UK Highway Code and Road System have a NO RETURN POLICY - DITA will refuse any returns, and no refund will be given.


Possible Reasons - Check List

  • The 'no one was home when I called card' has been posted but got mixed up with other mail/junk mail.
  • Neighbours: we've had cases of recorded delivery packages being left with a neighbour who forgot to bring the package back round.
  • Hiding places: although recorded delivery should be signed for, we've had cases where the package was left down the side of the house, behind a bin, in a porch etc. - without a signature
  • Customer supplied address error: orders sometimes come to DITA with an error in the address, with an old address or an address on a Paypal account set up a long time ago which is different to the current address. We check every order, but only obvious errors will show as incorrect e.g. if a customer supplies an old address, it's still a valid address and therefore, the item will still be sent.
  • Royal Mail delays: due to the amount of mail they deal with, occasionally items are delayed - in our experience, if a package hasn't arrived after 2-3 days of posting, it can take up to 10 days.

As soon as we are made aware of any delays, we do our best to sort them out quickly.

Customer supplied address error

Packages with an addressing error are eventually returned to DITA by Royal Mail. The time this takes can vary from 10 to 20 days. We are only alerted to an error once a package returns to us. As soon as we receive a returned package, we contact the customer to sort out the error.

Where a customer discovers they've made an addressing error but require the package urgently, we advise them to notify us about the error and order the same item. DITA will then refund the money for the incorrectly addressed package when it arrives (undamaged) back with DITA.

Items with free P&P that return to DITA because of a customer addressing error - DITA requires that the re-delivery postage cost is met by the customer.

If a customer asks for a refund (instead of re-delivery) on an item that has returned to DITA because of a customer addressing error - the refund will exclude postage cost paid by DITA, whether free P&P was part of the offer or not. This is because all P&P is paid for by DITA, so if a customer asks for a refund after delivery is attempted, DITA has made a loss through no fault of its own.

Royal Mail Delays

Where all postage details are correct but the package is delayed by Royal Mail. After 10 working days, we offer the option of either: a full refund or another package sent using Next Day Delivery. We continue to track the original package to see if it turns up. If it does, we ask the customer to post it back to us. As soon as we receive it, we refund the cost of postage back through Paypal.

Check List Completed

After going through through the checklist above, you're certain the order hasn't been delivered. and it's outside of the delivery timescale, please contact us by email or phone

As soon as we are made aware of any delays, we do our best to sort them out quickly.

(for the UK and countries that follow UK Highway Code laws and Road Systems ONLY)

Returns are accepted up to 10 days after delivery, providing the product item is in the same condition that it was sent e.g. as new (no marks, scuffs, folds, scratches, rips, dents, wear and tear etc, and nothing is missing from the order).

Where the product item is returned as new, DITA offers a full refund except on orders over £60. With these orders, the initial postage is paid by DITA. Therefore, DITA gives a refund minus the initial postage cost.

Where possible, return the item in the packaging it arrived in - if an item in not packaged securely enough, damage can occur in the delivery process. DITA is unable to accept any returned items that are damaged.. Items that show any sign of wear and tear are unsaleable, and therefore, will be sent back to the buyer using Royal Mail 2nd class signed for.

Orders should be returned using Recorded delivery.

Please return your order to the address shown on the back of the packaging. If you can't find it, use the returns address here

Faulty Items

Where a customer receives a faulty item, DITA asks the customer to send an email with photos of the fault. DITA will then confirm the returns address, and request that the customer sends the item (using the packaging it arrived in to avoid damage in the delivery process). Postage costs will be refunded to the customer once the returned item arrives back at DITA. A new replacement item will be sent to the customer ASAP.

If a customer asks for a refund instead of a new replacement item, the refund will exclude the initial postage cost on orders over £60. With these orders, the initial postage is paid by DITA. Therefore, DITA gives a refund minus the initial postage cost.