Package 2 - Driving Instructor Teaching Aid / Faults, Risk & Strategies / Reference Points / Essential Guide to the ADI Part 3 Test


Teaching Aid, Faults, Risk & Strategies, Reference Points & Guide to Part 3 - Package 2

I received my books today. I've had a brief look through them and the quality and information is fantastic.

Package 2 - Driving Instructor Teaching Aid / Faults, Risk & Strategies / Reference Points / Essential Guide to the ADI Part 3 Test


  • Clear, easy to understand, full colour, A4 visuals
  • Simple, structured help notes/lesson plans
  • Continue teaching with it once fully qualified
  • Over 500 faults a pupil can make
  • Reference points from Driver's seat
  • Reference points from Instructor's seat
  • Perfect for teaching and learning strategies
  • The marking sheet - ADI Part 3
  • Breakdown of typical pupil lesson scenarios for the test
  • 17 competencies used for Part 3 grading explained

Standards Check Manual

Driving Instructor Standards Check Manual


The Standards Check explained

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Driving Instructor Teaching Aid

The Driving Instructor Teaching Aid can be used for Part 3 training and test, then for teaching real pupils once qualified - only buy one teaching aid for your career!

The visuals are full colour, A4 and include key point hints ('MSM', 'Safe, Convenient and Legal' etc.) to help briefings flow.

Key Point Lesson Notes have been laid out in a way that requires just a quick glance to take in the information - great for PDIs studying Part 3.

The book is split into 4 modules, which are tabbed and easy to find. The different modules cover lessons subjects in the order that a learner would normally progress.

More info...

Faults, Risk & Strategies

The Driving Instructor Faults, Risk & Strategies manual is a guide to the key skills required to be a driving instructor.

The first part of the manual is a comprehensive and easy to follow guide to pupil risk management and teaching strategies, that is; Fault Identification, Fault Analysis (including Risk) and Remedial Strategy for the pupil.

The second part of the manual contains the pupil fault tables, covering virtually any fault that a pupil can make. More info...

Reference Points

The Reference Points manual displays reference points from both driver and instructor seats, and tips on how to teach them. This book can be used by driving instructors to teach learners as well as trainees learning to teach - perfect for teaching and learning strategies! More info...

Essential Guide to the ADI Part 3 Test

The Essential Guide to the ADI Part 3 Test gives a clear explanation of what is required in order to receive a high grade across the client centred; graded competency framework, set by the DVSA.

Each of the 17 competencies shown on the Marking sheet has been explained to help trainees understand what the examiner is looking for.

The explanation of each competency includes a list of points that you should consider in order to get a high grade.

The book contains clear explanations of what happens before, during and after the ADI Part 3 test, which will give you an understanding of what to expect and also, what to do in preparation for the test. More info...