The Standards Check


ADI Standards Check Book

Just thought I'd let you know I had my first standards check today and got 49/51. Feeling really happy if a little drained. Thanks to you for my training, and I found your Standards Book really helpful.

The Standards Check


  • Ths SC1 marking sheet
  • How your standards check is marked
  • What happens on the standards check
  • Breakdown of typical lesson scenarios
  • Breakdown of all 17 competencies
  • How to apply the competencies to your lessons
  • Official DVSA Standards Check document

The Ultimate Teaching Aids

Instructor Teaching Aid, Core Comps & Reference Points


Instructor Teaching Aid, Core Competencies & Reference Points

The DITA guide to the ADI Standards Check is the perfect book to help you. We've deconstructed the competency framework and explained each aspect in easy to understand, plain English!!

If you have a standards check coming up or you've been unsuccessful on a recent attempt - this book will help.

Whether you've been qualified for many years or you've recently joined 'the Register', this book is vital.

Every competency from each section on the SC1 Marking sheet (Lesson planning, Risk Management and Teaching and Learning Strategies) has been explained to help you understand what the examiner is looking for.

This book will help you to modernise the way you conduct your lessons and will ensure that you are conducting 'Client Centred' driving lessons.

Once you start adapting and conducting your lessons inline with the competency framework, the ADI Standards Check will become a formality.