Driving Instructor Reference Points


Driving Instructor Reference Points


  • Updated for the new Driving Test Changes
  • Reference points from Driver's seat
  • Reference points from Instructor's seat
  • Helpful teaching notes for PDIs
  • Perfect for teaching and learning strategies
  • Fold over to display driver visual only
  • Handy size to fit in door pocket
  • A5, full colour, easy to read
  • Sturdy pages for everyday teaching

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Instructor Teaching Aid & Reference Points Manual


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The reference points manual is updated inline with any DVSA practical driving test changes.

With reference points shown from both seats, and tips on how to teach them, this book can be used by driving instructors to teach learners as well as trainees learning to teach - perfect for teaching and learning strategies!

Clear and easy to understand visuals are the best way for learners to understand what reference points are; where they are located around the car and how to use them.

They are also an excellent way to eliminate long and complicated explanations that can be time consuming and difficult to understand.

This sturdy manual contains all the reference points a driving instructor will need to help a learner to go from beginner up to test standard. Also great for ADI Part 3!