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We supply Driving Instructor Teaching Aids and ADI Part 3 Test training aids including visuals, briefings and lesson plans. Our Driving Instructor teaching aids are recommended for their clarity and used across the UK by PDIs, ADIs, Instructor Trainers and DVSA Examiners.
Driving Instructor Teaching Aids & ADI Part 3 Test Training Aids
ADI Part 3 Driving Instructor Teaching / Training Visuals / Lesson Plans / Help Notes
Designed for ADI Part 3 Training / Test and ADIs teaching real learners. A4 full colour visuals, lesson plans & briefing notes. Tough, durable & sturdy.
ADI Part 3 Driving Instructor Teaching / Training Visuals / Lesson Plans / Help Notes
ADI Part 3 Driving Instructor Teaching / Training Visuals / Lesson Plans / Help Notes & Phase 2 Q&A
For ADI Part 3 training / test and teaching learners once qualified. Contains visuals, lesson plans & briefing notes PLUS Phase 2 Q&A. Tough, durable & sturdy.
Guide To Passing The ADI Part 3 Test
Recommended for ADI Part 3 training. The test broken into easy to understand pieces - with PST marking sheets, word pictures, briefings, tips etc.
ADI Part 3 Phase 2 Q & A Technique
Recommended for the trainee studying Phase 2 Q&A. Learn how to ask the questions that get the examiner to reveal faults before you even move off.
ADI Part 3 Test Driving Instructor Briefings
For driving instructor trainees studying briefings. Clear, easy to follow & with help where PDIs struggle. Recorded with a DSA approved Instructor Trainer.
ADI Part 3 Driving Instructor Course
5 training / teaching aids for your career! Use them throughout your Part 3 training and during the test, then use it to teach as a qualified driving instructor.
ADI Part 3 Driving Instructor Course - Package 2
4 training / teaching aids for your career! Use them throughout your Part 3 training and test, then as a driving instructor.
ADI Part 3 Briefings
The ultimate briefing solution! This kit has full written & audio briefings. Read structured briefings then listen how to give them.
Core Comps
The Ultimate Driving Instructor Core Competencies Book
Clear guide to core competencies plus 157 pages of Fault Tables. Use it for ADI Part 3, working as a Driving Instructor and Check Tests
The Whole Package
Driving Instructor Teaching Aids

Update Jun 2015

The updated edition of the Driving Instructor Teaching Aid is now available. There have been a couple of text changes intended to make teaching pupils even easier, and ensure that subjects are clear and easy to understand.

Update Jan 2015

We are currently working on a new driving instructor teaching aid that will help ADIs, PDIs and pupils.

It's designed to enhance the PDI's knowledge and use of reference points, but will also be a very useful ADI tool for teaching real pupils and helping them to quickly understand where the reference points are.

PDIs will be able to use it for training, the ADI Part 3 Test and then, like our popular Driving Instructor Teaching Aid, to teach real learners.

The teaching aid should be available in February; keep an eye on the updates for more details.

Update Dec 2014

As well as a learning aid for PDIs, The Core Competencies teaching aid manual is a useful tool for the fully qualified driving instructor preparing for their Standards Check

The 'Consequences' section will help with parts of the Risk Management aspect of the Standards Check.

The Remedial Action section will help driving instructors to improve Teaching and Learning Strategies for learners.

Teaching Aid Feedback

Arul, Watford

I have successfully completed Adi part 2 and part 3 with Milan. He is professional and his advanced knowledge on the subject helped me to get through the exam without much challenge. His step by step guidance and the knowledge on the test routes are added advantage for the ADI trainees. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to pass driving instructor exam and also to be a perfect driver on the road.

The Teaching Aid and Core Comp guidance books were very helpful for me to achieve my goal.

Andrew, Renfrewshire

Very prompt delivery and the guide to passing part 3 book has been a great purchase.

Danish, ADI

Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know that I have just passed my ADI part 3 - Your training materials is superbbb..

Kind regards

Claire, Middlesex

The replacement CD has arrived this morning. Many thanks for your efficient service. Your good customer relations are a credit to your organisation. Really appreciated.

Farah, Luton


I just wanted to say i have received the core competencies book that I purchased from yourself. I am so glad I did, this is such a good book.

Katrina, East Lothian

Arrived superfast and as described. Will be very useful when preparing for my part 3 test

Aneta, London

The guide to passing ADI Part 3 includes all the most important information needs to be taken into account. Very good book for ADI PART 3 trainees.

Jason, Hampshire

Everyone I show the DITA tuition presenter to thinks it's great. My instructor even bought one for his wife! And another PDI from Farnborough says they are going to buy it too.

Michelle, London

Just wanted to say thank you for the training books I bought a couple of months ago, and they are absolutely brilliant. I couldn't have done the training without it - ever so grateful.

Very informative, brilliant.

Mark, ADI

Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know that I have just passed my ADI part 3 at the first attempt! Your teaching aids have been invaluable to me over the last few (stressful) months, and I can now use them on a daily basis.... hooray !!!

Sadly I didn't get a grade 6, but put that down to nerves on the day and a fierce SE!!

James, Glasgow

Just to let you know my order came today and I am absolutely delighted. It is exactly what I am looking for and nice quality pages to.

Thanks again for the quick despatch.

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